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Joanna is an absolute star. She's bright, vibrant, lovely, and I can't catch up with her.

We lead workshops together in her diversity projects. It is good to work with somebody who has the lived experience and is able to co-produce about the diversity she is advocating. She's easy to get on with and flexible which is great when we plan because at times, other stuff gets in the way. We would be happy to work with Joanna again.

Eleanor Lisney FRSA,
Disability Equality Consultant
Sisters of Frida

I’ve collaborated with Blue Moon on many projects and initiatives.

Joanna is highly professional and knowledgable, not to mention that her passion for inclusion is infectious! I recommend Blue Moon to all my clients for their recruitment and workforce culture needs.

Sarah Rennie,
Accessibility and Inclusion Specialist
Rennie Consulting

Joanna started a very positive conversation in the agency around what our Diversity offering is

and how best we can accommodate not only adults in business but work experience too. She was extremely open about her early life getting into work, which has informed how she advises business and adds an extremely raw and personal touch to how she advises too. Look forward to picking Joanna’s brain more in the future!

Joely Richardson,
HR Co-ordinator
Portas. Creative Communication Agency

Joanna’s strength is in her lived experiences, her passion and drive. Hearing her share her own experiences in the working world as a young graduate it is clear that she has felt the brunt of companies that were not considerate of diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Her passion and drive means that she is putting all of her efforts into doing what she can to ensure future generations do not have to navigate the same difficulties. Building a team with members from different minority groups means that the advice is practical and proven and takes away the risk of being condescending in your efforts to include. Which can often happen despite all of the best intentions in the world. At Habito, we have always taken diversity and inclusion seriously. Our work within the mortgage industry centres on breaking the traditions of the mortgage industry and making mortgages accessible for all. One of the positives of being a fin-tech startup is that it is an environment that naturally attracts a set of candidates from different cultures and backgrounds. Working with Joanna has helped remind us that there is always more to be done. Our session has also highlighted throughout the company that this doesn’t necessarily mean massive changes to your hiring procedures but it is also what you do for the workforce you already have in place. There are simple changes that individuals within your organisation can make on a day to day basis. We are reviewing our D&I strategy and the methods and tools we use to attract new talent, we will be looking at what we are already doing and identifying new areas of focus. Diversity and inclusion is a changing beast. As the world around us evolves, it is important to us at Habito that we not only advocate but also ensure that we are at the forefront of diversity and inclusion at Habito

Richmal Allen,
Head of Customer Success

Completely collaborative approach, engaging and passionate people – feel like part of the team.

Jo always has a workable solution, or knows someone else who does! She has provided expert support, introductions to other specialists and invaluable diversity focus groups that have really given an insight and instigated change. Without Jo’s help, we wouldn’t have had the necessary knowledge or understanding on which to build our strategy. This has given us the confidence to move forward knowing that we are doing the right things at the right time. Jo feels part of the BAM team, a very special person with huge empathy, passion and drive. When Jo talks, people listen – because she has humility and her own diversity story to share.

Shelley Caton,
Head of Diversity and Inclusion,
BAM Nuttall

Joanna has been a non-executive board member for Investors in People for 2 years now.  Her contribution to our organisation has been invaluable.

She’s immensely diligent to ensure that approaches, discussions and activities that are taken are reviewed and prioritised through an inclusive lens.   She has such a unique perspective and view on things, and not only does she bring strategic direction, support for the executive team and a fresh perspective to the board room, Joanna also emphasises getting to know the wider team.  She shared her inspirational story with the entire organisation which has encouraged many of our team members to aim higher, they have specifically spoken about how much it inspired and encouraged them. This type of commitment and passion is rare in board members and a testament to how zealous she is about the work that she takes on.  Joanna’s contributions to the Investors in People board is immense and we hope that she’ll continue working with us for years to come.   

Dora Birna Sigurjonsdottir,
Director of Marketing,
Investors In People

Jo listened to our plans to hold an external networking event and put forward ideas based on her own experience to build this up into something that would have much more impact.

She understood what we were trying to achieve and worked collaboratively and positively with me to build a great event. Jo is passionate and inspiring and helped to give an idea momentum.  She took it from concept to an engaging event. She has helped us to build our network within a likeminded sector, with diverse groups of people that we might not otherwise have engaged with or built relationships with. We would love to work with Jo again for enthusiasm, ideas, ability to turn a concept into reality, personal style and ease of collaborating with. She has expertise and an opinion I trust and somebody I regard very highly.

Emma Brown,
Deputy Director, Organisational Development,
Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government

Diversity and Inclusion is important in today’s climate, and Blue Moon are making a positive impact on this in business, with Joanna on board with her experience and knowledge and passion for this subject, that makes Blue Moon special.

I have previously worked in the same organisation as Joanna, in 2019 I reached out to her for support for a Diversity campaign. Joanna went above and beyond to support on my campaign. She was one of four speakers on the panel at our Mind The Gap event for women in business. She gave advice on how to overcome your obstacles and how her company Blue Moon strategize diversity for their clients. Joanna is a positive force and brings so much energy.   Our clients that attended our event were inspired by Joanna’s key note speech, and have really valued the input of all of the female speakers on the evening. The fact that Joanna supported me, as a fellow female in business is beyond appreciated.   If I am presented with the opportunity to work with Blue Moon or Joanna again – I would jump at the chance. An inspirational female that has achieved so much – with a lot more to come I’m sure!  

Amanda Wiper,
Mind The Gap campaign,
SThree London

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