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We provide organisations with world-class senior leadership talent using inclusive search processes, and by utilising untapped and alternative talent pools to ensure you have the opportunity to choose from the very best.

By working in partnership with both hiring managers and applicants, we make sure everyone benefits from our inclusive approach.

We’re driven by an outcome that provides both candidate and employer with an exciting, competitive, innovative working environment, where each individual feels comfortable being themselves.

Sometimes, traditional search processes no longer guarantee the best results, because they aren’t always inclusive. We have a proven track record in identifying and creating unique and innovative recruitment approaches that are more successful in attracting, hiring, and retaining previously untapped talent.

We also recognise what works for one business might not be the most beneficial method for another, which is why we work with you to put together a plan that’s going to deliver the right results specifically for your needs.


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Before we even begin carrying out a search process, we work closely with businesses to analyse and alter their infrastructure and environment from the ground up. This ensures anyone joining the business can be the best version of themselves, therefore carrying out the most effective work possible.

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2. female leadership

Many businesses are aware they lack female representation at leadership level. We focus on identifying internal highly qualified female leaders who can bring much-needed expertise and diversity at board level.

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3. Career days

We’re dedicated to increasing the employability of candidates from diverse backgrounds. Our specific approach to career days allows us to educate and upskill talent, increasing their chances of submitting a successful application.

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When hiring, you need to make objective, evidence-based, inclusive decisions. The workshops we run ensure this happens with every new hire, maximising the diversity of your applicant pool, and the quality of your hiring.

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Aimed at increasing the promotion of existing senior talent, or the attraction of diverse senior talent via several live assessments and tasks, these days improve progression, recruitment, and retention by introducing an inclusive approach to filling the vacancy.


We have strong relationships and work closely with some of the most impressive, influential, and diverse senior leaders. Their openness about the challenges they face in employment gives us fantastic insight, which we then use to make sure your business meets their requirements and becomes more inclusive. This won’t just help your business appear more appealing to the specific candidate we’ve put forward, it also means you’ll be able to use this knowledge to improve hiring processes moving forward.

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Venn diagram shows 3 overlapping circles: 1. Blue Moon 2. Your business 3. The Candidate The 3 elements come together to create 4. Unlocking opportunity (in the centre of the 3 circles

There are a number of benefits to the processes and techniques we use, shown on the chart below.

We also understand that creating an inclusive hiring process can be quite a new, and potentially, daunting process for both the business and the candidate, which is why we offer support at every stage; before, during, and after

It’s all about creating a long-term partnership that helps both parties grow.

An inclusive recruitment process ensures your business will be hiring the best talent, regardless of their background.

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the benefits:

Inclusive recruitment processes

You’ll get access to the best talent, increase your appeal to our large and diverse talent pool, and set yourself apart from your competition.

They’ll recognise you as the employer of choice, be ambassadors for how inclusive your business is, and bring a new way of thinking.

‘not yet’ approach for unsuccessful candidates

You’ll remain the employer of choice through valuable feedback, which increases candidates’ employability – so everybody benefits.

They’ll understand how to improve, helping to ensure success when applying for your roles in the future.

Comprehensive on boarding process

You’ll get a clear idea of why variety is important, understand what changes should be made to ensure successful hiring, and create long-term changes in the business based on challenges faced by candidates.

They’ll enter an inclusive environment that values their diversity, and be confident they’re in the hands of a considerate employer that understands any challenges they face.

Quarterly progression meeting

You can ensure a smooth on boarding process, and identify any areas that may need improving.

They’ll get the opportunity to give feedback on issues within current culture and hiring practices.

Year-long advanced mentoring programme

You’ll increase the retention of successful candidates, provide valuable input to help candidates grow, and create case studies and onboarding processes for the future.

Success and career development are improved within the business, which allows them to become thought leaders on how to create an inclusive workforce, reducing HR workload.

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