Diversity Analytics &
Pay Equity Analysis


Traditional recruitment practices can no longer guarantee the best results. Why? Because they aren’t always inclusive. Here at Blue Moon, we have identified unique and innovative recruitment approaches that are more successful in attracting, hiring, and retaining previously untapped talent. 

We also recognise that what works for one business might not be the most beneficial method for another, which is why we work with you to put together a plan that’s going to deliver the right results specifically for your needs.



Do you know how and what to measure to analyse your D&I gaps and progress?

Diversity Insights includes a suite of diversity benchmark reporting tools that support your organization in analysing current workforce demographics compared to available benchmark data, identifying significant gaps in representation, and gaining insights into potential causes.

The suite of available reports efficiently delivers an accurate picture of your progress toward diversity goals across the talent life cycle. In addition to the standardised reports available, you can customise the reporting to your organisation’s unique requirements.

total view

Is your diversity reporting aligned with your business structure, objectives and unique requirements?

To ensure success with your diversity and inclusion plans, you need to analyse your workforce as you manage your organisation. As part of the Diversity Insights Solution, Total View provides complete transparency to your workforce representation and demographics throughout your organisation.

The software allows you to drill down into the granular levels of enterprise to understand gaps or lack of progress. The solution can be delivered as a service, or you can prepare and run your analyses using our platform.

D&I activity & tracking

How do you record and track your D&I program’s critical information and outreach programs?

With our diversity insights you will be able to track and measure the effectiveness of your diversity outreach activities and other D&I goals.

We provide a record-keeping and distribution solution that automates how you plan, track and report outreach efforts.

This online platform helps the stewards of your company’s D&I program eliminate manual record keeping by managing and tracking all documentation and effectively communicating all relevant information through centralised secured site.


Do you understand the makeup of your workforce and the realistic D&I goals that will produce ROI?

The analytics team of professional consultants can conduct an in-depth statistical analysis of any part of your D&I metrics. Services include helping organisations evaluate critical recruiting, hiring, performance and compensation processes and practices.

Our quantitative analysis uncovers opportunities for improvement and enables you to troubleshoot issues hindering the fulfilment of D&I goals. We can also help ensure that you comply with U.S. workforce compliance regulations.


Do you know if your salary packages are resulting in pay disparities for protected classes?

Our comprehensive gender pay gap studies includes an analysis that assists in identifying patterns of pay disparity that may persist on a company-wide basis.

A salary analysis examines the pay rates of protected characteristics compared to nonprotected characteristics using various statistical models.

Our experts then conduct statistical tests to identify any comparison group with significant disparities in average pay rates.


Are you inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent workforce data leading to poor decision-making regarding your D&I program?

As the foundation to your Diversity and Inclusion journey, when data is incomplete, inaccurate, or not reconciled, it can skew your plans with erroneous conclusions that mask or create representation problems.

With Diversity Insights you gain access to a team of experts that can apply data manipulation and validation tools to correct missing or inaccurate workforce data before it impacts your program.

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